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Traditional Sweets

You'll love these golden oldies, traditional sweets range from the humble toffee to the succulent humbug. Traditional sweets are a staple in the sugar snacking world. Whether you want a quarter of strawberry bon bons or lemon sherbets these humble ancients have been around for decades. The goodie's wonderful taste hasn't change much at all, however, the way in which these sweets are made has developed hugely. They can now be made in vast batches so you can gobble them up as fast as you like!

Traditional sweets may remind you of your Gran; however, they are loved and enjoyed by the young and the old. The perfect supper time treat; relax with the family and a film whilst sharing a traditional goodie mix.

Get your teeth stuck into a bon bon or chomp on a toffee, whatever your favourite is, we are sure to have it! You could buy a huge supply of your favourite, make a mixture or try something you, eat the alone or share them with friends, just try not to eat them all at once!


Get your sugar rush with Swinky Sweets! Proud distributors of sugary snacks and chocolaty nibbles across the UK. We have all of your Christmas, birthday and even valentine’s day needs sorted, after all, what better gift can you give but sweets!

Whether you fancy a sneaky snack for yourself or want to treat a fellow sugar fiend, our goody selection will make you weak at the knees! From chocolate to fizzers we have a full range of traditional and everyday sweets. Treat yourself, you won’t regret it!

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